I lead the Creative and Applied AI Tools (CAAT) group within NVIDIA Toronto AI Lab, with the focus on 1) application of AI to creative tools and research to enable such applications, 2) efforts to accelerate 3D Deep Learning research. Our goal is both to develop new research, and release cutting-edge technology that fuels practical tools for researchers and artists.

Oct 2023
Our new demo is accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia Real-Time Live in Sydney.
Kudos Anita & team!
Aug 2023
Our AI Material Demo won Best-In-Show at SIGGRAPH Real-Time Live!
Kudos Hassan & team!
Tools From My Group and Partners
Designing Intelligent Tools for Creative People
M. Shugrina IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 2023
Neural Brushstroke Engine: Learning a Latent Style Space of Interactive Drawing Tools
M. Shugrina, C. Li and S. Fidler SIGGRAPH Asia (TOG) 2022
XDGAN: Multi-Modal 3D Shape Generation in 2D Space
H. Abu Alhaija, A. Dirik, A. Knörig, S. Fidler and M. Shugrina BMVC 2022
ATISS: Autoregressive Transformers for Indoor Scene Synthesis
D. Paschalidou, A. Kar, M. Shugrina, K. Kreis, A. Geiger and S. Fidler NeurIPS 2021
3DStyleNet: Creating 3D Shapes with Geometric and Texture Style Variations
K. Yin, J. Gao, M. Shugrina, S. Khamis and S. Fidler ICCV 2021
Nonlinear Color Triads for Approximation, Learning and Direct Manipulation of Color Distributions
M. Shugrina, A. Kar, S. Fidler and K. Singh SIGGRAPH 2020
Neural Turtle Graphics for Modeling City Road Layouts
Hang Chu, D. Li, D. Acuna, A. Kar, M. Shugrina, X. Wei, M. Liu, A. Torralba, S. Fidler ICCV 2019
Creative Flow+ Dataset
M. Shugrina, Z. Liang, A. Kar, J. Li, A. Singh, K. Singh and S. Fidler CVPR 2019
Color Builder: a Direct Manipulation Interface for Versatile Color Theme Authoring
M. Shugrina, W. Zhang, F. Chevalier, S. Fidler and K. Singh CHI 2019
Generating Playful Palettes from Images
S. DiVerdi, J. Lu, J. Echevarria and M. Shugrina Expressive 2019
Playful Palette: An Interactive Parametric Color Mixer for Artists
M. Shugrina, J. Lu, and S. DiVerdi SIGGRAPH 2017
Fab Forms: Customizable Objects for Fabrication with Validity and Geometry Caching
M. Shugrina, A. Shamir, and W. Matusik SIGGRAPH 2015
Large Scale Language Modeling in Automatic Speech Recognition
C. Chelba, D. Bikel, M. Shugrina, P. Nguyen, and S. Kumar Google Technical Report 2012
Formatting Time-aligned ASR Transcripts for Readability
M. Shugrina NAACL HLT 2010
An Audio Indexing System for Election Video Material
C. Alberti, M. Bacchiani, A. Bezman, C. Chelba, A. Drofa, H. Liao, P. Moreno, T. Power, A. Sahuguet, M. Shugrina, O. Siohan ICASSP 2009
Empathic Painting: Interactive Stylization through Observed Emotional State
M. Shugrina, M. Betke, and J. Collomosse NPAR 2006
In the Press:
Doctorate Work
Go to colorsandbox.com for demos of my work on color.