About Masha

Masha is short for Maria in Russian: I am originally from the Siberian city Novosibirsk. I am a Software Engineer and a Computer Science Researcher with a passion for art and machine intelligence. I am interested in merging machine learning, big data and interface design to help people unlock their creativity and improve their state of mind. I believe that sound engineering must go hand in hand with research in order to enable innovation. In order to contribute to both, I have joined Adobe's Creative Technologies Lab (Cambridge, MA) as a Research Engineer, after completing my Masters at MIT in the Computational Fabrication Group. At Adobe Research, I work on a range of projects including digital painting, natural language processing, and animation. Before MIT and Adobe, I was a Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead at Google (NYC and Zurich), where I worked on crowdsourcing for Google Maps and on Speech Recognition. My other interests include painting, running, cross fit, long hikes, swimming in ice cold lakes, cooking, downhill skiing. Here is my Resume. You can reach me at: shumash эт gmail.